Many businesses today miss the opportunity to extend their brand beyond their walls. Whether you run a restaurant, bakery, or grocery store, there are a number of ways you can remind customers who you are and what your business represents.

Business owners need to look at the business from top to bottom – there are literally branding opportunities everywhere. Here are just a few.

Apparel and hats

Employees can be your greatest brand ambassadors, both when they’re at work and when they are not. From caps, aprons and smocks or polo shirts, t-shirts and jackets, outfit your staff in branded items for advertising on the go. What’s more, if you have a unique product or service that has a large fan base – or if you’d like your local customer group to grow – consider setting up a small merchandise display within your business for patrons to purchase. Clever, catchy slogans, and fun graphics can really make your merch fly out the door.


Indoor signage and traditional building signage are all pretty standard for any storefront. But you may want to consider unique signage, as well. Feather flags that wave in the wind and sandwich boards that display your daily specials to passersby on the sidewalk are just a few ways to get their attention. You may also want to include some unique wall, window or floor graphics. You can even create fun and innovative graphics that temporarily adhere to the sidewalk outside of your business. These are particularly effective for promotions to get patrons in the door.

Items for the Table

Using everyday items to promote your brand is a great way to underscore who you are. Think about branding menus in creative ways and napkins in one-color or full-color graphics.

Food on the Go

Market your business for takeout customers to ensure they get the same branding experience they would if they were dining in. Custom imprinted to-go boxes and bags, as well as hospitality mints with your company logo on them are all unique ways to get your brand on. If you serve hot or cold beverages for people on-the-go, popular beverage wraps are a must-have.

Even during times of crisis, people are relying on local food delivery services and take-out food to help supplement what they’re making on their own at home. Make the best impression possible with branding so they remember you long after their food is gone.

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