Treats aren’t just for trick-or-treaters. Do you remember the feeling of pure joy when a teller handed you an unexpected penny sucker or sticker for doing nothing more than accompanying your parent to the bank? The source of joy wasn’t from the savings and loan sticker or cream soda sucker, but the gesture itself. It was heartwarming to be acknowledged; it’s the thought that counts. And with an abundance of holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time for treat giving. Whether a gesture of gratitude, a random act of kindness, or an act of holiday cheer; everyone loves a treat! Because treats are typically unexpected, they tend to be easy on the budget too! It’s the perfect time of year to give gifts to your friends and relatives and treats to your customers and acquaintances.

For the ones on the go-

These are the busybodies in your life; the people with 5 kids, two businesses, and not enough hours in the day. Their goals include being on time and getting to bed at a decent time. Don’t even try to slow them down, just embrace their neurosis and give them a treat they will use. Give them energy-boosting, time-management treats like ANYTHING coffee, travel mugs, audiobooks, or a handy dandy fanny pack.
Perfect promo items? Power banks & planners

For the homebody-

The homebodies are the ones who sleep in on the weekends and savor every minute of downtime AT HOME. Their priorities include catching up on their favorite series and making time for online shopping. Don’t try to motivate them, just make them comfortable. Give them treats that accentuate the comforts of home; fuzzy socks, candles, sleep masks.

Perfect promo items? Playing cards, throw blankets

For the intellectual-

You know the type! They’re reading novels in the waiting room while the rest of us are reading gossip magazines. Their priorities include keeping up on current events and having the latest iPhone. Feed their sponge-like brains with books, puzzles, or tech gadgets.
Perfect promo? Booklights, brain teasers

For the fashion-forward-

They’re looking in the mirror when they should probably be looking at their email. They aspire to have good hair days and sport the latest trends.  Giving them gifts that complement their style, is a compliment in itself. Give them gifts of fashion re-assurance. The treat of having extra hair ties or a spare set of cufflinks on hand puts their minds at ease.

Perfect promo items? Hats, cosmetic bags, sunglasses

For anyone-

For everyone else (those you don’t really know on a personal level, but definitely deserve a treat) keep it simple. Stick to things the majority of us use every day since our common goal is surviving the week so we can enjoy the weekend. A tasty treat of cookies or candy that can be shared with the family is always appreciated while practical gifts like calendars and pens never go out of style.

Perfect promo? Pens, calendars, pop sockets, umbrellas

Whether you’re dropping them in a Halloween sack, stuffing them in a stocking, or dropping them in a shopping bag or mailbox; a treat, no matter how big or how small, is always a welcomed gesture!