As an employer, one thing to consider this spring is participating in career fairs. Not only do career fairs offer recruiters a great way to meet and interact with a diverse talent pool, but they also provide an opportunity to pre-qualify potential candidates for current openings or meet potential candidates for future openings.

Below are five tips to help maximize your experience and create the right impression, as an employer attending a career fair.

  1. Plan your display. An eye-catching booth will help your company stand out and attract potential candidates. Will you have a table top display, retractable banner or a freestanding display? What about your own table cover? Details make a difference.
  2. Have promotional materials printed. Not only should you have business cards on hand, but it’s also a good idea to provide promotional materials to help attendees better familiarize themselves with your company. Whether a handout, brochure or something a little more creative, the items you provide your visitors will say more about your company culture than just your words will be able to.
  3. Stand up. Stand in front of or to the side of your booth/table to draw people in. It’s important to be as inviting as possible by smiling and saying hello to those who pass by. Avoid sitting behind a table, which can come off as standoffish.
  4. Know what you’d like to talk about. The goal of attending a career fair is to find qualified candidates. Prepare questions to ask those who express an interest in your company. This gives you the opportunity to pre-qualify potential candidates.
  5. Consider using giveaways to attract potential candidates to stop by your booth. It doesn’t hurt to add a little something extra to attract attendees to your booth. While you shouldn’t rely on giveaways to bring qualified candidates to your booth, the right swag does add allure and can get people talking. Try to use products relate back to your company or organization, such as a syringe pen for a clinic.