We often put things off for so many different reasons, and yet, the result of our inaction is always the same. Our brilliant idea, our awesome goal, the action that would make us happy…it lies dormant. Why do we do it? Why do we keep ourselves from taking those steps toward something better?

Maybe you’re scared of what people will think if you fail. Isn’t it sad, that we sometimes choose not to do the things that could make us happiest because of what others might think? The truth is, those closest to you will support you, no matter what. Should the opinions of those who aren’t supportive really matter anyway?

If you’re a perfectionist, like me, some things are either all or nothing. I followed my diet perfectly or I messed up and will have to start over again next week. I missed a day of my workout plan and will have to start at the beginning. I have an idea for a side business, but I don’t have all the details quite perfect yet. I want to do this, I’d like to try that…but. The hesitation sets in, the word “but” sneaks its way into our mind. We doubt ourselves.

What’s the one thing that you’ve been wanting to do…the thing that you keep planning over and over again in your head, but have been unable to start, because the details aren’t perfect? It’d be foolish to jump into something without thinking it through, without planning. It’s sometimes just as foolish to have a great thought in your head and let the doubts overcome you.

Time doesn’t wait…even if you’re not ready. If you keep putting something off, you may never do it. It may never happen, and why? Things weren’t absolutely perfect. Honestly, what is perfect?

Take the risk. Make mistakes. Work harder to succeed. You might fail, but you might not.