Customers overwhelmingly prefer to do business with companies whose employees wear uniforms, according to survey results. In fact, customers spent an average of 27% more when they purchased from uniformed employees versus when purchasing from employees who were not wearing uniforms.

If appropriately uniformed in corporate apparel – with consistent looking apparel featuring identifiable color schemes and company logos – customers view employees as more professional, reliable and knowledgeable.

In addition, employees outfitted in matching logoed apparel (whether it be polos, tees, fleece or dress shirts) garner the following benefits for your business:

  • Greater ability to attract customer’s attention
  • Improved customer attitudes and confidence
  • Enhanced company image and brand credibility
  • Differentiation from competition

These positive aspects mean employee uniforms translate into a competitive advantage and ultimately have the ability to make a tangible impact on your company’s bottom line.

What Makes It A Uniform?
With today’s more relaxed business dress code, a uniform is any type of workwear or clothing that is worn on the job – shirts, jackets, tees, aprons, scrubs, lab coats, hard hats, caps. What really makes it your company uniform is adding your logo to it. Which leads to another benefit…

Added Bonus: When your brand is put on a uniform it becomes multi-functional. Not only is it serving its purpose as the approved company dress, it is now a walking billboard. Every time an employee wearing the branded apparel comes into contact with someone outside your business, whether it be a customer or someone they see on the way to or from work, you are putting your company’s name in front of many people every day. And those people could be your next best customers.

No matter the type of business, if you have employees who have contact with customers and potential customers you will benefit from putting those employees in a branded uniform.