What’s your story? You have one. Everyone does. Something unique about your company that sets you apart from the others. 

Your brand is different. The products you use to promote it should be just as unique. 

Custom caps, enter stage right. Vernon Logo Cap

A custom cap is the most “uniquely you” product there is when it comes to advertising your brand. If you want to share your story with the world a custom cap is the way to get it done. 

Put your brand over the top
Advantages of promoting your business with Vernon custom caps:

  1. Highly creative and easy to incorporate your branding.
  2. Complete custom capabilities allow you to create your own retail-looking product.
  3. High perceived value, at a cost half or less than the same cap sold retail.
  4. Factory direct, with low minimums.
  5. We make it easy – with design assistance, a pre-production approval sample and more than a decade of experience in promoting brands with custom headwear.

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