What a individual wears expresses their personality, social associations and even in the case of uniforms, shared corporate identity. By branding apparel items with your logo, individuals who choose to wear that item are giving your brand a personal endorsement in front of their acquaintances, colleagues, family and friends. These impressions make promotional apparel an important, and influential, tool for your marketing strategy. You want to make sure that the items you choose make the right impression and reflect your brand.


Here are five tips to help you choose the right apparel:

  1. Many retail brands, such as Puma and Reebok appear in the promotional apparel market. But many of the brands in the promotional apparel marketing have just as high quality, if not better, as those in retail. If budget is a concern, make sure you look at both retail name brands and industry brands.
  2. Most of the time, colors you choose for your apparel will be based on your brand’s colors. If you have some creative freedom, lighter colors tend to give you flexibility in design and decoration. Neutral colors, such as black and white, can make your brand stand out. Many items come in multiple colors, so if you are set on a type of shirt, see if there’s something in a color that suits your brand.
  3. Decoration style and location can be just as attention grabbing as the color of the shirt. Screen printing and embroidery are the most common; but there are numerous others ways to decorate ranging from laser etching to digital printing. The most common area for a decoration is on the left chest or front and center, but sometimes subtle locations like the sleeve or a larger area, such as the back of the item, allow you to get creative.
  4. Choosing the right style increases the chances that your apparel are worn more often. In the case of corporate apparel, it will also make sure that the individual is comfortable, confident and ready to perform at his or her best. Typically, promotional apparel follows the trends found in retail, and you can choose what works best with your message. A bright and bold imprint on a t-shirt makes a completely different statement about your brand than a traditional dress shirt with a modestly embroidered logo on the left chest.
  5. Make sure that the functionality and performance of your apparel matches the needs or lifestyle of the intended recipient. It can be as simple as choosing between a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt. But you can also consider the usefulness and uniqueness of some of the latest trends. Think about moisture-wicking fabrics for items meant to be worn outside during the heat or wrinkle – and stain – resistant shirts for those who are on the road often.

These tips will help you create a framework for choosing a unique, brand friendly promotional apparel option for your employees and customers. By understanding personalities, lifestyles and needs of those who will be using the apparel, you can generate excitement for your branded apparel and increase your brand awareness.

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