A trade show is one of the best opportunities for you to meet potential customers. It’s also a great way to convey your brand to the masses. As trade show attendees work a trade show event with lots of businesses, it is important to be memorable. Your brand can do this by distributing the right promotional product as a giveaway. How can you decide what giveaway will help make a great impression? Here are three things to remember…

Is the promotional product representative of your brand?
Your purpose at the trade show is crucial. The most common is to share your brand message to potential customers and generate qualified leads. You should choose a product that ties in to how your brand is a solution for a prospective customer. You want to make sure that the product aligns with your corporate personality. Some promotional products may be more fitting than others.

How useful is the product?
You want to make sure that you combine creativity and practicality. Your chosen giveaway should have some valuable use to the recipient; a product that has potential long-term use and lasting charm. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t give out a gift to every single one of your booth visitors. You should give gifts to those who have a sincere interest in your products or services. If you are trying to reach a specific audience, then consider having two sets of gifts. One can cater to top prospects, and one can given to the masses. With a proper understanding of your audience, you can gain valuable leads while providing a useful gift.

Quality matters!
At the end of the trade show, quality products do make a difference. You want to inspire customers, not discourage them from conducting business with you. You will need to consider what is the best quality promotional product you can get within your marketing budget. Just because you may have small budget, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. You don’t want a cheap, inexpensive product that breaks, to give a poor reflection of your brand.

If you remember these three tips, you can find brand appropriate promotional products to give away. Work with your Vernon promotional consultant to find a unique product that can ramp up your trade show booth and connect you with the right customers.