Pleasant Valley Hospital, Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia

What was the primary objective of the program and the promotional product and who was the target audience?

Promotional cup used for Rockin' the Pink Promotion

The primary objective of the overall program was to bring awareness of the importance of getting an annual mammogram screening and to increase the number of screenings conducted at the hospital. The promotional products were used to get people’s attention and create awareness of the program.

What promotional products were used?

A hot/cold cup, t-shirt, pencils and magnet. All the products used showcased the clients unique design but the Clear Vivid Print Cup w/ straw from Gold Bond was the highlight. The full-color paper insert was a perfect way to show off the art.

The most outstanding features of the program were…:

The most creative part of the promotion was the design itself and the way it was incorporated into all the products. Even though they used the products in a variety of venues and events, the theme was easily identified.

What results were achieved relative to the objective for the promotional products?

During the month of October 2011 they did 440 mammograms.  During October 2012 they did 507 mammograms.  The number of mammograms scheduled for November 2012 increased as well. The program increased the number of mammograms and increased awareness about the importance of getting exams.

From the client:

The promotional items used for the Rockin' the Pink program

The products used in the promotion were simple but became very unique with the design application.

The neon pencils were bright and stood out, yet they were cost-effective. The magnets were very inexpensive, but the design made them stand out too. They were a great item to give out at parades. The cups were the perfect product to give away for the mammograms. Inserting the creative artwork between the walls ensured that the design will look good even after years of use. The pink straw really set it off.

We were very pleased with the results of the program. We increased the number of mammograms and brought awareness to the importance of getting an annual mammogram screening.