Graceland University

What was the primary objective of the program and the promotional product and who was the target audience?

As part of a larger initiative, Graceland University wanted to increase their brand recognition among high school students of recruiting age and high school counselors.

What promotional products were used and distributed to the target audience?

Vernon Graphics, specifically car wraps. They were viewable at high school visits, college fairs, athletic events, parades and sporting events.

The most outstanding features of the program were…:

The use of the QR code in the vehicle graphics and social media. They had promotions where students could take their picture next to the car and upload to their Facebook page. If it goes to the Graceland University page – their names were entered into drawings for t-shirts, vouchers, etc.

Facebook is a great avenue for them to reach their target audience and the “cool factor” of the cars and drawings put their car images on many students Facebook pages therefore increasing recognition for the college.

From the client:

We are seeing great results. The cars are on the road daily promoting brand awareness for Graceland University. The cars are easily identified and everyone who sees the cars knows we are there to visit with students, versus traveling in an unmarked car.

Our current admissions campaign is “Road Trip 2012-2013” and we are showcasing the cars in an effort tell students we are on the road to find them and we encourage them to take a road trip and visit us at our Lamoni campus. The campaign is fun, utilizing bright graphics and focusing on each student with great personal customer service.

Our enrollment applications are up by 300 compared to this same time period last year. Not all of this is attributed to the cars, but can be attributed to the campaign.