Calendars are one of the most widely used and desired promotional vehicles. Everybody needs one (or more) and relies on it daily. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another advertising medium to put your brand on that will bring you as much success as a calendar.

Careful targeting, clear messaging and long-term visibility make this universal advertising tool the high-impact, low-cost alternative to other media.

Get Your Brand On…24/7/365

Branding opportunities are constant with calendars. Research shows the average person looks at a calendar 12 times a day. After 365 days, your brand will leave a lasting impression: 4,380 times.

Here’s what else a calendar gives to your brand:

  • Meaning. To customers a calendar isn’t advertising. It’s a thoughtful gift – more than just “another ad.” Plus, a calendar serves as an important point of reference viewed countless times a day – giving it meaning and purpose.
  • Endorsement. A customer displaying your calendar is like a personal recommendation of your brand to anyone who sees it. When one person demonstrates loyalty to a brand, others think they should buy that brand too.
  • Relevance. The functionality and visual appeal of a calendar keeps your brand personally relevant day after day, and gives your message a high-perceived-value.
  • Value.  A calendar overcomes the “tune out” common with other forms of advertising, maximizing your advertising dollars for an entire year.
  • Personality. Since a calendar can convey the full scope of your brand’s personality for an entire year, it can help your company become as familiar and welcome as an old friend. And customers who feel they are buying from a friend won’t buy from anyone else.

There’s still time to order your calendars for 2012. Or get ahead of the game, save tons of money and order now for 2013.