It’s a new year and perhaps it’s time for a new you – or at least a refreshed brand. From your logo to your tag line, branding can be a critical component to the success of your company or organization. Thinking about Nike without the “swoosh”, McDonald’s without the golden arches or Google without the rainbow-colored logo is nearly impossible.  In the same way, do you have a brand that your customers recognize? Are you consistent in your branding? Take a cue from the best in the branding business by telling your story consistently and effectively.

Know Your Target Market

It’s important for any brand, in any industry, to understand who their target market is. Who are your ideal customers, clients or members? If you can figure out as much as you can about the customer you want your product or service to target. One way to do this is to examine your current customer base. Who buys from you and why do they buy from you? Are sales from these customers profitable or should you consider targeting a new niche of customer to grow your business?

Incorporate Visual Elements

Expressing your brand visually will help you stand out when compared with the competition. Is your logo fresh and memorable? Are you incorporating effective promotional merchandise into your marketing efforts? Consistency in branding will allow your audience to remember you and will cause an increase in repeat purchases. Once you have your visual elements finalized, it’s important to start sharing your brand message, because repetition can be the key to your success.

Build Awareness

Grow your company’s brand awareness by being creative. In addition to utilizing traditional marketing and advertising methods for reaching your audience, consider maximizing your online presence. In addition to having a well-branded website, using different types of social media may help you reach new customers. Creating a Facebook page for your company, posting images on Instagram or Pinterest, and creating a Twitter account that links back to your website are just a few ways to start. No matter the forum, be sure that you stay consistent in your messages and branding. Your customers appreciate authentic, honest communication that reflects who you are.  And don’t forget to be creative. Use online advertising, hold an online contest or combine online posts with in-store communication to reach more customers more often.