Branding. You hear people talk about it a lot. But what, exactly, does branding mean?

“A brand is the feel of your business card, the way the company’s phone is answered, the tone of a letter, the package that’s almost impossible to open, the receptionist at the corporate office who continues to chat with a fellow worker when a customer arrives, the instructions that are too hard to follow, the lane-hogging driver of a corporation’s truck. The brand is every touch point and every thought the customer has about the brand.” – American Marketing Association

The impressions consumers have of a company extend well beyond the product or service you provide. Brand image is a mental picture that reflect the way a brand is perceived, including all the identifying elements, the product or company personality and the emotions and associations evoked in the consumer’s mind. A brand has real monetary value – successful companies invest in building and protecting their brand. To cut through the clutter and make your brand stand out without spending a fortune? Use promotional products.

Promotional products are the only advertising medium capable of engaging all five senses, and in a world where consumers are bombarded by advertising messages, promotional products stand alone. A print ad, internet ad or a television/radio spot all interrupt and distract consumers but promotional products engage and are welcomed by consumers and integrated into a lifestyle.