Personalized writing instruments are a staple in every industry, office and business. With over 50% of Americans owning a personalized, branded pen, that’s a lot of exposure for your brand. Think about it. You probably have a pen in every desk drawer, in your purse (or briefcase), in that padfolio carrying your notebook for an upcoming meeting and even inside your car.


Nearly all educational institutions, banks and hotels have custom writing instruments. A branded pen is used a minimum three to four times over its lifetime; the key to getting your custom pen used over someone else’s is to know your audience.

Consider a fun novelty pen to make your logo stand out. You’re different from your competitors; embrace and highlight your unique qualities with fun and functional pens. Or maybe you want to show off your long-standing traditions. For a more classic, elegant look, try a sophisticated metal pen. Customize these pens even further with the names of recipients for a worthy executive pen. In today’s technologically driven world, you can even get your brand on a stylus pen!

Cost shouldn’t be an issue;  pens cost only 1/10 of a cent per impression. In most cases, pens are one of the most affordable promotional products on the market.

Communicate your message with one of the most powerful and affordable advertising mediums. Personalized pens give you the hands-on brand exposure you need to grow your business and your brand.

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