When overused, workplace jargon loses all meaning and becomes just another institutionalized way of thinking and performing. If buzzwords are widespread in your office, infuse some fun and friendly competition by creating a “buzzword jar.” Whenever someone is caught being buzz-wordy, he or she contributes a quarter to the jar. The proceeds can go toward a team building event or other worthy cause.

Here are some common buzzwords to avoid in the office:

  • Crunch Time
    • We’re all working hard, but unless you’re as busy as Winston Churchill—who often used the word “crunch” to describe challenges during World War II—look for another way to say it.
  • Think Outside The Box
    • The secret here is that there is no box, and if there were everyone would be wandering outside of it looking for the next big thing. Though it denotes creativity, this phrase is not very creative at all.
  • Pick Your Brain
    • Unless you work on the set of a zombie movie, there is probably a better way of asking co-workers to chat for a minute. Try “May I ask your opinion about something?” instead.