It’s that time of year – students are heading back to school! These next several weeks provide a great opportunity for you, as a business, to connect with your customers and promote your brand all year long. Everything from custom backpacks, t-shirts, pencils, pens and lunch bags can be imprinted with your company’s logo.

Distributing these items to students can get them excited about studying and prepare them for the academic year ahead. They can also be provide student organizations the ability to recruit new members, give a united appearance, fundraiser and share a core messageĀ on the school’s campus or in the community!

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Here are five reasons on why your business should offer back to school campaigns…

  1. Gearing up for the future! You can start nurturing a relationship at an early age; allowing students to grow fond of your brand as they grow older. When they are in the professional world, because of the brand familiarity, they won’t hesitate to approach you for your products or services.
  2. The extended visibility! Students take your branded products with them – whether it’s around school, at school events or home to their family and friends.
  3. The goodwill is priceless! There is an impressive amount of goodwill to be gained. The gesture will be noted by the local community and generate positive brand awareness for your company.
  4. Pricing is competitive! School-related products can be economical but there are also opportunities to choose higher end products as well.
  5. Longevity is key! The promotional product you give to a student can last several months – whether it’s decorating their desk, carrying their lunch or even being used to complete their homework. Your giveaway can ensure your brand receives attention from everybody around the student.


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