Are you puzzled by holiday presents? Gift-giving can be easy, and so beneficial to your business, when you’re armed with the right information.

Here are five top gift-giving questions, along with answers to help you put all the pieces together for the perfect year-end gift program.

  1. What gift-giving trends are hot right now?  Budget friendly is still a big concern. But less expensive doesn’t have to mean cheap. There are a variety of low-cost items with a high perceived value that recipients will love. Think upscale-looking desk accessories, writing instruments, journals, drinkware, blankets, lotions, candles and more. Take budget out of the equation and tech items, like digital frames are hot, as well as bags of all types – laptop, messenger and travel.Gift bags.
  2. How can I make my gift stand out?  Add value to your gift with a gift box, holiday card and wrapping. A personalized card, custom box or gift bag and imprinted wrap can make a memorable gift out of almost any item. Or combine a couple items for added impact: give coffee with the mug, a pen with the journal, a wooden hanger with the shirt or a cap along with the jacket.
  3. What presents are appropriate for all?  Certain gifts are definitely crowd-pleasers and appeal to a broad audience. Food gifts top the list – everybody eats. Moving from food to food-related products, kitchen items and wine accessories are well-received by both genders. Electronic gifts, computer accessories, travel mugs and pen sets also make great gender neutral holiday gifts.
  4. What are some inexpensive products that have staying power and high perceived value?  Product function is the safest way to go when choosing an item that is going to have staying power, and a higher perceived value among recipients. Lunch bags, totes, sports bottles and LED flashlights are cool, high quality items that can be used repeatedly. Plus, their perceived value is typically much higher than their actual cost.
  5.  Should I even bother with gifts? Yes, if you want to keep your valued employees and customers. Gifts tell the recipient they are important to your company and you value the relationship. The holidays are a great time to strengthen that relationship with a gift that shows your appreciation.