The smell of sulfur is still lingering in the air from Independence Day fireworks, but before we know it; fall will have college kids all across the country trading their parents’ nests for campuses. There’s no time like the present to get MASCOT PROUD; feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of the prominent exhibition of a favorite school and or team by way of excessive logoed gear.

Here are the top 5 reasons to get MASCOT PROUD NOW!

1- Early bird gets the worm.

If you order now, you’re sure to get the items you want before you need them. Ordering now might be the difference between getting that collapsible and lightweight grill and the bulky one that’s always in stock.

Don’t wait for your favorite promo products to be out of stock, get them now so you get what you want, not what’s left.

2- Be a trendsetter.

Everyone wants to be seen with the newest, hottest trends before everyone else has them.  Promotional products are meant to be unique and stand out. There are endless combinations of products, colors, logo placements, and decorations, so be bold and GET YOUR BRAND ON in a way that hasn’t been done before!

Better to be a trendsetter, than a trend follower.

3- Licensing and design.

Most of our favorite logos and mascots are trademark-protected so be sure to allow time for licensing and art approvals. It’s easy to get caught up in an idea and want it now but in reality, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to branding. Take the proper steps to ensure that your vision is brought to life using an honorable approach with time to spare!

Start crossing those design Ts and dotting those licensing Is this summer to ensure your products are on point in time for fall!

4- Tailgating is ALWAYS fun.

You don’t have to wait for football season to start tailgating. Pull out your logoed chairs and coolers all summer too! Go ahead and tailgate at a campground, amusement park, baseball game, or water park! Just because it has a college logo, doesn’t mean it has to be used at a college game.

The sooner you order it, the sooner you can enjoy it!

5- Support.

Nothing shows college freshmen support quite like their parents sporting their soon to be mascot and logo before they leave for college. We’ve spent the majority of 18 years wearing dance, little league, soccer, swimming, football, basketball, and even chess club t-shirts all for the love of our children. And just because those children are over 18, doesn’t mean we get to stop representing them, or their schools.  We wear orange and purple shirts and pretend to love tigers and twinkle toes, just to show our support. It’s what we do!

Get those parents (and students) wearing collegiate gear before they even hit the dorms! 

Get MASCOT PROUD by getting your (college and university) brand on the products everyone needs for fall but wants now!Mascot Proud