Are you ready for your next trade show? Here are four ways to make sure you are prepared:

1) Make sure you have the right team of employees representing your company. You want to make sure you have motivated, experienced employees demonstrating your products and/or service. These employees may not always be the most outgoing but they have a deep knowledge of your company, products and/or service and will easily answer any questions that your consumer may have.

2) Make sure your team is dressed to impress. Provide everyone attending a professional, identifiable apparel option. This could be polo shirts, dress shirts, or even a nice pull over sweater. Paired with nice dress slacks, a coordinated look will distinguish your team those entering your booth.

3) Make sure you have a proper booth display. Know what your company needs to bring to the trade show and what will best represent your business when it comes to the type of display. If you have tables, make sure you have table covers branded with your company’s logo. Banners and table top displays are a good way to demonstrate your products.

4) Attract people to your booth by handing out smart, relevant promotional items. Sometimes a pen, tote bag or water bottle might do the trick. But you can also go above and beyond the standards; for example, if you’re a tech company, think about giving away Bluetooth speakers or a portable battery charger. Or if you’re a construction company, perhaps a multi-purpose tool or hard helmet stress reliever. Whatever you decide to give away, make sure the item fully displays your branding.