Calendars are something that your customers use every day. It’s also a way to promote your business on their wall, for a year, at no charge. Here are a few tips on ordering the perfect calendar:

Choose your style wisely. There are many different styles of calendars but three of the most common are Appointment, Multi-Sheet and Year-At-A-Glance. Each has unique attributes that separate them from the others. For example, appointment calendars are daily reminders and personal scheduling tools while a year-at-a-glance calendar gives you the ability to see and schedule out the entire year. Appointment calendars feature an imprint hanging below the actual calendar pad while multi-sheet calendars include an imprint on every sheet. You want to keep in mind how you are going to be distributing your calendars and how your audience is going to use them.


Buy early. Take advantage of many early buyer programs and discounts by purchasing your calendars for the upcoming year early. Whether it’s early buyer bonuses, special pricing or new stock – there are definite benefits to planning ahead. It’s also important to remember you won’t have to worry about limited stock or getting the final product in hands by the start of the calendar year if you buy early.

Perfect your imprint. Simple imprints are best when you are purchasing a stock calendar – including your logo and contact information provides your audience the exact information they need to contact you. On a custom calendar, you have a little more creative freedom. These types of calendars are created exclusively for you allowing for you to include images specific to your product and service, your logo in full color and so much more! You can also inquire about stock calendars with add-ons like a coupon page, a custom image, or an insert sheet.