The Scholarship Committee invites employees with sons and/or daughters graduating from high school in May or June to participate in the scholarship program.

The Scholarship Program began with the graduating class of 1975 for the following purposes: To recognize intellectual ability and performance among sons and daughters of The Vernon Company employees; to make it easier financially for these students to attend college; to recognize and promote intellectual achievement.

The scholarship program will award up to three $1000 scholarships to sons and daughters of Vernon employees who are graduating from high school in May or June (if that number deserve awards). The scholarships will be renewable for the full four years of college life (for a total of $4000) if the student’s college record is satisfactory. Renewal applications must be submitted annually for approval to the Selection Committee.

The awards will be made on the basis of the student’s academic achievement in high school and the result of ACT or SAT tests. The Selection Committee also will consider pertinent information concerning the student’s conduct and activities.

A Selection Committee consisting of two educators from colleges in Iowa will choose the winners of the scholarship awards.

The Company’s Scholarship Committee distributes the program information and is not involved with the selection of award winners. The school records of applicants and the results of the scholarship qualifying tests (ACT or SAT) will go to the Selection Committee, which selects the winners.


Those eligible for the scholarships are sons and daughters of regular full-time employees of The Vernon Company.

The parent must have worked for the company continuously from May 1, . Scholarship winners continue to be eligible for awards as long as a parent is employed and meets the sales volume tests. Account Executives are required to have $260,000 in sales volume over the sales year (Week 1 – Week 52) to maintain their child’s scholarship eligibility

There will be a limit of two awards to children in the same family.

The foregoing eligibility must prevail at the time of enrollment in college on the award granted.


1. All applicants should take the American College Testing Tests (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) at their own high schools, and send one copy to the Scholarship Committee. EACH APPLICANT SHOULD CHECK WITH THEIR HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRAR, PRINCIPAL OR COUNSELOR IMMEDIATELY FOR INSTRUCTIONS AS TO SPECIFIC TIME AND PLACE AT WHICH THE TESTS WILL BE GIVEN.

2. For the ACT tests, be sure to give The Vernon Company code #1380 so that the results will be mailed directly to The Vernon company, Vernon Scholarship Committee, P0 BOX 600, Newton, Iowa 50208. When taking the SAT use #1000.

3. Candidates will be given final application forms at a later date.

The winners of the scholarships will be announced in April or May . The winners may select any accredited college. They must make their own arrangements for admission.

This scholarship program information is going to all employees. Additional application forms are available. The Chairperson, Greta Wallace, of the Scholarship Committee can also answer questions about completing the application forms.

If any test difficulty is encountered, please contact The Vernon Company, Attention: Chairman, Scholarship Committee, at once so that other arrangements can be made.


Letter From Bill Vernon – Scholarship Application Request