People often consider the New Year a time to start anew, refresh and get motivated. According to, 45% of Americans make resolutions to kick start the New Year. This makes for an excellent opportunity to provide fun and useful promotional products that recipients will be excited about using as they increase your brand’s visibility while doing so.

Consider these three themes for the New Year.

1. Healthy Lifestyle
Last year, over 21% of people surveyed had resolutions that included losing weight or eating healthier. An option for this route would be athletic clothing, a pedometer, health tracker and water or blender bottle. Any other product that promotes a healthy lifestyle would not only be popular but also aligns your business/organization with promoting one’s health.

2. Self-Improvement
Now is an excellent time for products that promote self-improvement. We’ve already covered striving for a healthier lifestyle, but keeping one’s mental health in check is just as important. Products to reduce stress are great options. You can think beyond stress relievers and consider organizers that keep you from becoming stressed in the first place.

3. Introduce Something New
The New Year is a wonderful time to introduce something new. Whether it be a new promotion, new item for sale or a new gift, the New Year marks a new beginning. This makes for a wonderful time to try out something that you’ve been considering, whether it’s a new product to the industry (think along the lines of fidget spinners) or something new to your business/organization.