August is traditionally a slow news month, which makes it an great time for you to connect with journalists and get positive press for your business.

  • Research media targets. Reporters, editors and their respective media outlets are the “buyers” in the public relations game. To sell them on your story, you need to understand them.
  • Pitch newsworthy content. With a firm understanding of the media outlets, you’ll be better positioned to present them with coverage ideas that will appeal to their audience. Perhaps you and your employees helped raise money for a prominent local nonprofit’s fundraiser, or spent a day out of the office volunteering at a local event. These type of stories could interest your local media.
  • Keep it short and simple. Whether you’re sending a news release, a more informal email or calling, you need to be able to get a reporter’s attention quickly. Think of it as your elevator pitch. Quickly show why the report should care.
  • Be a source. even if your news alone doesn’t merit coverage, you can still earn media placements if you are willing to be a reliable source for reporters, who could include your input in larger stories.

Source: Sales Boost; Advantages – August 2014.