We all like to be appreciated for what we do, especially at work. And while a “thank you” and a pat on the back are nice, its not enough to get the most out of your valued employees.Employee Appreciation

Recognition plays a key role in increasing employee morale, performance and job satisfaction. But where do you start? What do you recognize and how? Here are four good reasons to recognize employees.

  1. Anniversary. Recognizing anniversaries gives employees career goals to work toward. Start a program that honors employees after 1, 5, 10, etc. years of service, featuring gifts like custom golf balls, bbq sets, or electronics. Make sure the gift value increases as the years of service increase.
  2. Thank You/Achievement. Increase employee satisfaction by thanking them for a job well done. If an employee finishes a big project ahead of schedule or comes up with a cost saving idea reward them with a food basket, engraved pen, padfolio, tote bag or travel mug to say thanks.
  3. Leadership. Recognizing leadership encourages employees to step up and take the lead on projects. A logoed watch, apparel or computer accessories can be given to recognize employees who exhibit leadership qualities at all levels within your organization.
  4. Retirement. Honoring retiring employees shows how much your company values loyalty. Publicly recognize retirees with an office get-together and show your gratitude with a gift that can be used in their free time, like a poker set, entertainment items, luggage or golf clubs.