Drinkware Options That Last All Year

0226_blogimage-aCustom drinkware can make a statement, while also giving your audience something they can reuse every day. Not only will they appreciate you giving them a no-cost gift – you will enjoy multiple advertising impressions every time customers and employees use your drinkware in front of others.

Custom drinkware varies in size, shape and use – so you have the option of drinkware items that are good all year round or specific to a certain time of year. For instance, for the fall and winter, you can order:

  • Custom mugs for coffee, hot chocolate and tea.
  • Vacuum-sealed steel drinkware for sporting events.
  • Tumblers & mugs for the road.

During the spring and summer months, promotional drinkware options to consider for staying hydrated and to keep cold drinks cool as the heat intensifies include:

  • Water & sports bottles for outdoor events.
  • Stadium cups for sporting events.
  • Glassware & mugs for home or the office.
  • Koozies & can coolers for parties.

While using custom drinkware, whether at home, at the office or in public – your employees will feel a sense of pride and loyalty; while customers will be offering advertising exposure for your company wherever they are.

Personalized Drinkware Has Many Uses

Aside from the obvious use for personalized drinkware, there are many other ways to incorporate these universal items into your next promotion.

0226_blogimage-bUse mugs or tumblers as a creative way to package a variety of components for kits – such as a “get well kit” (including cough drops, chicken soup and a mini-pack of facial tissues) or a “new employee kit” (that can include a tumbler, sticky notes and pens). You can even encourage health and wellness by putting together a Blender Bottle and cool towel (seen above).

You will often see employees using custom drinkware on their desks as holders for office accessories such as pens, paper clips and scissors, or even candy.

You can also use custom mugs as planters for seedlings and candle holders for tea lights or votive candles.

The uses for promotional drinkware are only limited by your creativity! Check out the variety of drinkware online by clicking here.