Going into trade show season with a plan is key. You should carefully craft and implement your plan in an effort to get the most return on your investment.

Consider two things when you look at product and make a decision about trade show giveaways.

Where will these trade show items end up? 

Keep in mind where your promotional trade show items will end up. For many, this is on a desk in their office. Other spaces include in their personal cars, in their kitchen at home, and even on their actual cell phones.

How can we create an interesting and memorable delivery of this item?

By giving away your items in an interesting, personal way, you are sure to increase the odds that it will survive the post-trade show purge that many people go through. You can’t do business with someone if they don’t remember your company or brand.

For the delivery at the tradeshow, here are some ways to make it memorable.

  • Allow your visitors to select their favorite color giving away something basic like pens, plastic water bottles, or journals. Buy items in a variety of colors and create a fun experience where your audience gets to select the one they want.
  • If you’ve created a clever game, even if it is simple, you create a room full of winners. We all love to win and there will be a value attached to the item you’ve given them as the prize.
  • Make their voice heard. Survey your audience with a simple question and let your clients and prospects know that you appreciate their input. The fact that you asked and created a memorable interaction (paired with a giveaway that supports the survey) is what counts.