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Custom Programs Build Brands
The Vernon Company is not a new player in the program business. Founded in 1902, we have over 100 years of promotional marketing expertise, and we’ve been creating and managing custom store programs for over 20 years. With our 4A1 Dun & Bradstreet credit rating, you’ll have our financial strength and stability standing behind your program.

Initial Steps
Vernon takes a nine-step approach to creating a custom store program.
Assessment — Approval — Product Selection — Paperwork — Build the Store — Test and Approve — Market — Review and Recommend — Renew

Store Design & Configuration
We offer custom solutions for your specific needs. Our stores are scalable with no practical limitations on the number of products, users, administrators or transactions.
— You can mimic the look of your current webstie with our flexible design templates.
— Convenient category/subcategory structure lets you efficiently organize your store’s products.
— Inventory can be owned by you or The Vernon Company and is stored in our secure climate controlled fulfillment center.

User Access
Our stores are full of tools and features giving you the level of control you want, including three levels of user access:
— Private – users must be pre-registered to gain access to the store.
— Semi-private – users can view merchandise but must be pre-registered to purchase.
— Public – anyone may self-register and purchase.

Administrative Access
There are two levels of “back end” administration access:
— Store admin III – gives access to reports only.
— Store admin II – gives access to reports and allows management of user access.

Store Reports
You’re in charge of the amount of information you want to see. Choose from 17 reports available on demand, including: Orders, Spending, Inventory, Sales, Certificates, Coupons and more. Reports include filters such as date range, user groups, users and order status. All reports can be downloaded into a spreadsheet file format.

Payment Methods
— Several payment methods are available, including pay by credit card or PO.
— Online gift certificates and coupons allow you to use your store for reward programs.
— Pre-paid with budget. Our budget feature gives you control over spending by assigning spending caps to groups or individuals.

Our stores use the latest 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to ensure all orders are encrypted and transmitted securely. Credit card transactions are handled by, a third party processor used by over 195,000 merchants. Card numbers are never seen or handled by The Vernon Company.

User Friendly
Store users enjoy a fully featured, user-friendly shopping experience including:
— Order history – registered users can view their order history and reorder with a single click.
— Save shopping cart – save multiple carts and return anytime to make changes and/or proceed to checkout at any time.

The custom address book feature allows multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses to be saved in your account. Email order acknowledgements and furnished tracking numbers take the guesswork out of monitoring orders.

Inquire today about setting up a custom store program with Vernon.