The Vernon Company has named eight high school and college students as scholarship winners in its annual William F. Vernon Scholarship program.  

First-time scholarships were awarded to three high school seniors and five college students were awarded scholarship renewals.  All scholarship winners are children of Vernon Company employees.

Scholarship winners receive a $1,000 scholarship, renewable for up to four years of their college career.  Recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, test scores, extracurricular activities and overall conduct.

High school students receiving a first-time scholarship are:

  • John Costello, son of Mike Costello, New Jersey.
  • Morgan Dashko, daughter of Andrew Dashko, New Jersey.
  • Erin Regan, daughter of Dave Regan, Iowa. 

College students awarded scholarship renewals are:

  • Alexa Dashko, daughter of Andrew Dashko, New Jersey.
  • Trey Ellington, son of Judy Ellington, Virginia.
  • Dustin Gould, son of Cindy Gould, Iowa.
  • Kate Moore, daughter of Sue Moore, Nebraska.
  • Kaitlyn Nichols-O’Neil, daughter of Kevin O’Neil, New Jersey.

The Vernon Company established the William F. Vernon Scholarship program in 1975 to recognize and promote intellectual achievement and to make it financially easier for qualifying students to attend college. The company has awarded over 250 college scholarships since the program’s inception.  Winners and renewals must be the child of a Vernon Company employee to be eligible for the scholarship.

About The Vernon Company
The Vernon Company, a fourth-generation family business founded in 1902, manufactures and markets promotional products designed to help other businesses increase sales and improve profits.  The company has over 30,000 customers, served by 330 account executives and sales managers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and 190 administrative and production employees in its Newton, Iowa, headquarters and two sign graphics manufacturing subsidiaries based in Missouri and New Jersey.