It’s time to register for the 2022 Vernon National Sales Meeting!

Meeting Dates:
March 29-31, 2022

Meeting Location:
Embassy Suites Airport Hotel
5055 International Boulevard
North Charleston, SC 29418

Registration fee is $2,000. Includes suite meetings, food & beverage and event package for one attendee. Additional attendees can be registered prior to the event (for an additional food & beverage and event package fee).

Invoices will be sent to all registered suppliers in February, outlining the details of your registration.

• Tuesday, 3/29 – Evening Cocktail Reception & Awards Dinner
• Wednesday, 3/30 – Breakfast, One-on-One Suite Meetings (all day), Lunch, Supplier-hosted dinners (optional)

2022 NSM PS_Schedule

Please use this form to register for the event and express interest in supplier-hosted social activities and product contribution opportunities during the event.

2022 Vernon National Sales Meeting - Supplier Registration

  • Supplier Info

  • Supplier Corporate Mailing Address
  • Primary Attendee Info

    The primary attendee's registration includes participation in the following :

    Tuesday, 3/29 - Evening Cocktail Reception & Awards Gala
    Wednesday, 3/30 - Breakfast & Lunch; Suite Meetings;
    Thursday, 3/31 - Breakfast

    Note: An invitation for additional attendees will be sent at a later date.

  • Suite Meetings

  • One-on-one Suite Meetings

    This year's meeting will feature one-on-one SUITE MEETINGS, in place of a traditional tradeshow. Throughout the day on Wednesday, 3/30, you will meet with Vernon AEs in one-on-one or small group sessions. This format will require all suppliers to stay at the Embassy Suites (hotel reservation link included in invitation).

  • Supplier-Hosted Dinners

  • Wednesday evening, March 30, is a night without scheduled large group activities, giving you an opportunity to co-host a small group of AEs for dinner.

    ALL AEs are required to attend a supplier-hosted dinner, and Vernon designates the attendees for each group. Closer to the event we will divide attending AEs into equal groups (somewhat randomly). Each group will consist of approximately 10 people (Vernon AEs, one Vernon corporate office host, and another supplier host).

    Vernon will select the restaurant where your group is dining and handle reservations for your group. It is the supplier’s responsibility to arrange for an Uber ride (or other local transport) for members of your group AND to cover the cost of the meal (split evenly between the 2 supplier hosts in the group).

    These dinners are always well-received by both AEs and participating suppliers, as they give everyone a chance to spend time away from the typical meeting format and develop new working relationships.

  • Product Contribution Opportunities

  • Product contributions offer another way to increase exposure with our AEs. The items contributed are given to all AEs in attendance, in a welcome gift bag and thought the event.

    Please check below if you are interested in providing one of the items to be used by attendees at our meeting. We recommend imprinting these items with the Vernon corporate logo, your ASI # and the item #.

    We will be in contact with you to confirm your contribution. Thank you for your support!
    Note: Vicki Palm will follow up with more information regarding the contributions closer to event date.

  • Invoice Contact Information

  • Invoices will be sent out approximately 60 days prior to the show. Suppliers can choose their preferred method of payment.
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