We Promise to Protect Your Brand As If It Were Our Own.

The Vernon Company understands the importance of having safe, compliant products to represent you and your brand.  We take seriously our responsibility to protect product recipients from harm, protect your company and protect your brand.

Providing our clients with safe, tested and approved products is a commitment we’ve taken to heart. That’s why we put together one of the most extensive product safety initiatives in our marketplace.

“Protect Your Brand” is a comprehensive program that ensures our clients receive products that comply with all environmental, social and product safety standards.  We are educated in the rules and regulations of product safety and compliance and are dedicated to preserving your company’s image.

How We’re Protecting Your Brand
We have taken steps to ensure you receive the safest products possible.

  1. We have implemented strict supplier safety standards and work only with “safe suppliers.”  We have compliance certification and documentation from each of our preferred supplier partners pledging they are in compliance with national and state product safety requirements. In addition, we require extensive indemnification certification from our suppliers.
  2. We have reinforced our policies controlling custom imports. Products are sourced only from approved vendors who have documented their safety procedures, including product testing practices. 
  3. We offer complete social compliance, in fact we helped draft our industry’s Product Responsibility Code of Conduct.  Our suppliers have pledged their manufacturing processes are socially and ethically responsible, respecting human rights and adhering to all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  4. We are a member of the PPAI Product Responsibility Action Group and part of the process of establishing industry best practices.  We work closely with PPAI to continually educate ourselves and our account executives on the latest product safety issues, in an ongoing effort to protect you and your brand.

Safety is a top priority for The Vernon Company.  We want to protect product recipients, our clients and their brand reputation, our account executives, as well as ourselves.  Product safety is the law, and it’s the right thing to do.