2021 Hawaii Incentive Trip Survey

  • Thank you for attending our 2021 Incentive Trip to Hawaii! 

    As we begin planning the 2022 trip to Ireland (and beyond), we would love to have your feedback on the Hawaii trip. Your responses provide us with helpful information to ensure we make future trips as memorable and special as possible.

    Please submit your feedback by Wednesday, June 30.

  • Given the type of international incentive trips we have held in recent years, is the trip experience worth the amount of time it takes to get to and from the destination?
  • Knowing that the US government treats the value of the incentive trip as taxable income, is an international destination worth the tax responsibilities? (For destinations within North America and Central America, the government requires that only the value of company-paid airfare and entertainment for the guest be treated as taxable. For land destinations outside of North America and Central America and all cruises, the federal government taxes all company-paid expenses for both travelers.)
  • Are we offering the right amount of free time versus organized, group events (i.e. morning business meetings, evening receptions/meals)?
  • If we offered planned, optional activities/tours each day, would you participate in those acitvitites?
  • What would you suggest we do differently to improve on future trips?
  • Please share any additional comments about this year's trip, or ideas for future trips.
  • Have some ideas on where we should go for an upcoming incentive trip? Please share with us your top three destinations (within 1-day travel time), keeping in mind that costs and travel time/distance are a priority.
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