Congratulations to our prize winners!   Winners’ names were selected randomly from those who registered at during our official sweepstakes period of 12/20/10 to 3/20/11.

Grand Prize:  iPad
Lori P

2nd Place Prizes: iPad Nano
Samantha K
Douglas M
Lillie R

3rd Place Prizes: USB Flash Drive
Ethan L
Susan M
Marilyn B
Todd  H
Gregory E
Kate S
Emilie S
Nevin R
Blake K
B.J. G
Pamela P
Lorna E
Clara P
Curtis N
Bonnie G
Melissa L
Ellen D
Sandy C
Liz G
Therese S
Pete P
Ruth R
Mollie K
Amy M
Rebecca M
Emily S
Michael Z
Sara B
Tommy T
Becky M
Dean D
Lee E
Jerry H
Ashley C
Debbie G
Amy R
Staci T
Lee E
Tim M
Gary S
Jamie D
Ellie W
Janette R
Jennifer K
Catherine E
Doug L
Carol D
Lawrence S
Donald N
Sylvia D
Cathy W
Joneen M
Donna W
Paula S
Theresa L
Bruce W