• Thank you for attending our 2019 Incentive Trip to Portugal! 

    As we begin planning the 2020 trip to Hawaii (and beyond), we would love to have your feedback on the Portugal trip. Your responses will provide us with helpful information to ensure that we make future trips as memorable and special as possible.

    Please submit your feedback by Friday, June 7.

  • Given the type of international Incentive Trip we have held in recent years, is the trip worth the amount of time it takes to get to and from the destination?
  • Knowing that the US government treats the value of the incentive trip as taxable income, is an international destination worth the tax responsibilities? (For land destinations outside of North America and Central America and all cruises, the federal government taxes all company-paid expenses for both travelers. For destinations within North America and Central America, the government only requires that only the value of company-paid airfare and entertainment for the guest be treated as taxable.)
  • Please provide feedback on your overall experience with using Travel & Transport to book your airline tickets.
  • How do you feel about the length and atmosphere of the opening night reception that was held at the hotel?
  • Have some thoughts on where our next Incentive Trip should be held? Keeping in mind that costs and travel distance are a priority, please share with us your Top 3 international destinations (within 1-day travel time).
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  • Share your comments on this year's trip.