2020 Vendor Details

Please complete this form with the requested program details for 2020. Deadline to submit this information is November 15, 2020. Thank you for providing us with these details.
  • Contact Information
  • The email address to which Vernon sends PO's.
  • Please list the pricing information for the following for The Vernon Company for 2019. Be specific - include any exceptions or exclusions. Example: EQP Net pricing on all catalog quantities; EQP less 3%, etc. If special pricing is given for setup charges or other fees not listed here, please include that information as well.
  • Once Vernon achieves $25K in annual sales with a supplier, most offer Vernon a rebate plan payable at the end of the calendar year. In this case, it would be for 2019 sales achieved, due by February 28, 2020. Vernon currently offers 4 Rebate Program Levels* - Platinum Level - 7%, with 2% of that paid directly to the sales rep Gold Level - 4-5% Silver - 2-3% Bronze Level - No Rebate Offered *All rebates are paid back to dollar one, with no exclusions.
  • The Vernon Company prefers to ship using its own UPS account # on all orders, and requests a no-charge 3rd party freight program. This program requires the vendor to reference Vernon's PO number in the UPS system when shipping on our account number.
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